About Us

1990 a small factory in Lilongwe, Malawi with 20 employees opened with a sales outlet in Limbe, Blantyre. The company started manufacturing the emulsion paints (water based paints), producing 500 litres paints per day and the paints was distributed only within the cities of Blantyre and Lilongwe.


Since 1990, our company has continuously developed innovative products based on the market needs and that has earned us a reputation for excellence, quality, and exceptional service in the paint industry.
In 2010, the company embraced a new way of doing business where it underwent rebranding and repositioned itself as the leading paint manufacturer in Malawi.

Today, Rainbow paints has become a leading brand in delivering innovative products to decorate our fast growing economy.
We realise that cities needs be decorated all the time, That’s why our team of hard working employees dedicate their daily activities in finding newer and innovative ways to decorate our world.

Rainbow Paints is subsidiary of Globe Group Limited, a multi-sector conglomerate with major stakes in the manufacturing and service sector.
We are sole distributor of Sasol Solvents, solvents used for paint production and in various industries in Malawi.