How to Use Rainbow Paints Visualizer App

Feb 17, 2022

Selecting an appropriate paint colour for your next construction project can be an overwhelming and daunting task, especially for a layperson.

There are hundreds of colour options to choose from a Colour Chart which makes it a nightmare for you to decide what special colour will look great on your house.

The good news is that you now no longer need to worry about what particular paint colour will work on your next dream house project.

Rainbow Paints Limited Paint Visualizer mobile app makes the whole process easier and better. Visualize how paint colours will look in your home before visiting our store and without touching a paintbrush.

1. Use a Photo

Upload a photo of your home or you can select sample inspiration room photos available within the app to try different colour options. Select any colour from the colour palettes beneath the photo and click or touch on any wall surface to digitally match colours.

Our tool will analyse the conditions of a room to provide an accurate colour visualization.

2. Instant Live Painting

You don’t have a photo of your house? Don’t worry. You can test colours through our Live Painting tool. Simply, choose the Live Painting option and point your camera to a wall. Turn On the preview mode, select the colours from the colour palette and touch or click on a wall for digital painting.

The intuitive edge-detect functionality will help to quickly and automatically find and map the ends of a wall within a live video to provide you with an easy digital painting experience. That’s cool, right?

3. Save your Project

Congratulations, you are now a professional painting expert. But wait, don’t lose your hard work. The next step is to save your project and download it as a PDF file then use it to get a quotation from our team.

4. Paint Calculator

How much paint do you need? Use our Paint Calculator tool to get an approximate amount of litres of paint needed for your project. Access the tool via the navigation menu, enter your project details and then click the Calculate button. However, product requirements vary according to other factors such as application method and surface condition. Don’t hesitate to contact us to verify the amount.

It doesn’t end there…

Apart from the painting visualisation features, the app provides you with other equally important resources like products catalogue, Colour Chart and contact details.

Get stuck? Don’t worry. We have got you covered. Just click on the Tutorials tab or contact us and you are good to go!

Download the app from Google Play Store and App Store.