Plaster Primer SB

A premium quality solvent based smooth alkali resistant primer for interior and exterior
masonry and gypsum surfaces.

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Product benefits:
  • Superior Alkali Resistance, will not blister
  • Provides good adhesion
Intended use
  1. Used as a primer coat for alkaline cement plastered finishes, gypsum plaster, soft boards and new lime puttied
    plaster surfaces.
  2. Used as a sealer on powdery/chalky, soft and brittle surfaces.
Product Information

Type : Alkyd Resin
Viscosity : 82-85 Kµ
Specific Gravity : 1.4 – 1.45
Mass Solids : 56-58%
Spreading Rate : 6 – 8 m²/L dependent on surface texture and porosity.
Gloss level : Matt
Colour : White

Application Details

Mixing : Stir well before use with a flat paddle to an even consistency. Stir occasionally during use.
Method : Roller and brush
Thinning : Not recommended.
Cleaning : Tap water.
Conditions : Temperature between 5°C and 40°C, relative humidity of less than 85%, preferably
between 10:00 and 16:00. Ideally, apply when the temperature of the substrate is at least
2⁰C above dew point, if possible away from direct sunlight.
Drying time : Touch dry 30 Minutes – 1 Hour at 23°C. Note: higher temperatures will accelerate the
drying times (approximately halved for every 10⁰C increase), whilst lower temperatures will
retard the drying times (approximately doubled for every 10⁰C decrease.
Overcoating time : 24 Hours at 23°C.
Requirements : One Coat

Surface Preparation

Surfaces must be sound, clean and dry (moisture content below 15%) before painting.
New Work
Prepare substrate by removing all loose and friable particles. Stop and fill appropriately.
Allow for drying time before applying the specified Product.
Prepare by removing all loose and flaking paint, dirt, grease and grime. Prime exposed areas appropriately. Proceed
as for new work.

5 and 20 Litres plastic containers and 200 Litres steel drum.

1. Keep out of reach of children.
2. Ensure to maintain good ventilation during application and drying process.
3. In case of skin contact, wash with soap and water or a recognised skin cleaner. Avoid contact with eyes. In
case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with running water and seek medical advice.
4. If product is ingested drink plenty of water or milk. Do not induce vomiting at any time. Seek medical advice.
5. To avoid any risk of spillage, always transport in a secure upright position